Microformats Made Simple

"It's so easy and the benefits are so clear, you can't read the book and not want to use the information. In many cases you can add microformat data instantly as you see the code examples provided and apply the concepts to your own sites."

Virginia DeBolt

In Microformats Made Simple, author Emily Lewis demystifies these simple HTML-based data formats that are designed for people first, machines second. With practical, easy–to–understand markup examples for a wide range of web content, she teaches readers everything they need to know to start adding semantic richness to their sites, which can improve SEO and standards compliance, and supports extensible data publishing.

Emily Lewis
Technical Reviewer
Tantek Çelik
New Riders

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Defining Outlines: XOXO
  3. Defining Links: rel and rev
  4. Defining Relationships: XFN
  5. Defining Bookmarks: xFolk
  6. Defining People, Organizations and Places: hCard
  7. Defining Events: hCalendar
  8. Defining Résumés: hResume
  9. Defining Syndicated Content: hAtom
  10. Defining Reviews: hReview
  11. Speed Round (hAudio, hRecipe, hProduct, hMedia)
  12. Because Looks Matter (CSS)
  13. That's All Foks!
  • "The abundance of real-world examples make this a must-have book for anyone interested in taking their markup to the next level."

    Chris Harrison

  • "This book helped illustrate not only how easy microformats are to implement, but how much benefit they can be to your company (and personal!) website in general. The information is solid and easy to absorb and the author's wit as well as her professionalism shine through in every chapter."

    Trevor Gryffyn

  • "After the first couple chapters it finally "clicked" for me and I had that "ah ha" moment that got me writing code and implementing Microformats on my own web site. I put the hCard Microformat and various "rel" attributes on 300,000+ member profiles and within a few days I saw Google and other sites using those attributes in results. Very cool!"

    Chris Kenworthy

  • "The text is easy to navigate and even easier to read, if not surprisingly engaging, thoughtful, and personal. Considering the topic is the best and quickest way to develop shortcuts to better search results in today's semantic landscape, this book is essential for any developer, no matter what they know or don't know about development in general."

    Caroline Blaker

  • "This is hands-down one of the best books on an important precursor to the Semantic Web. If you are overwhelmed with the Semantic Web technologies, "Microformats Made Simple" offers a "gentle" introduction and guide to implementation. I loved the book and its easy readibility!"

    Daniel Perry